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Fun for Everyone Throughout the Conference

Birds of Prey

Watch as they swoop and soar over your head to show off their amazing aerial skills. This is your best opportunity to get up-close to a hawk, falcon, vulture, or owl as they glide sometimes only inches above your head! A raptor trainer comes to show us the birds they care for and discusses their influence on our ecosystem.

Knitting Project

Find all the details here. Materials (needles, hooks, yarn, rulers and scissors) will be available to borrow.  Taking the bus and want to knit your way to the Ashokan Center? We’ll have the materials on the bus!  A box or bag will be provided to leave completed blocks in. All of our squares will be joined together at the end of the weekend and donated to Project Linus.


The Ashokan Center has lots of trails, a farm, and beautiful outdoor space to explore. We will provde you with a map and several breaks long enough for you to look around.

Activity Time!

Organized Activities That You Sign Up For

This year, we will be offering:

  • Letterpress with Dimitry Tetin
  • Foraging with Dina Falconi
  • Tarot Card Readings with Jamey Hampton
  • Blacksmithing
  • Hiking